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Skandiform and Margot Barolo in open collaboration

From one experimental project to another. Now, Skandiform and designer Margot Barolo are turning the traditional way of working together upside down. And the development process will be open and free for anyone to follow.

Within the framework of The Kinship Method, five Swedish designers each developed their own chair and then built on each other’s ideas to create new versions. In a brand new collaboration, Skandiform will be working with Margot Barolo – the designer who initiated The Kinship Method – on developing the first generation of chairs even further. And it will be possible to follow The Barolo Project through various channels and on social media.

“It will be very exciting to see where the development process takes us – exciting too that we have the opportunity to invite everyone who is interested to follow our entire journey. Developing a chair that is already complete – on an open platform for everyone to see – is a very different way of working that I’m really looking forward to,” says Johanna Cahné, Design and Marketing Manager at Skandiform.

“The Kinship Method was started because I wanted to try a way of working that could mix experimentation with my own development as well as adding to the knowledge pool. My chair was produced in one month, and the time pressure of the project forced me to rely on my intuition and experience much more than usual. It gave the chair a clear DNA that I’m now happy to be able to work on developing further in collaboration with Skandiform,” says designer Margot Barolo, who is also a Programme Director and senior lecturer at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm.

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About Skandiform

Skandiform is one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of furniture for offices and inspirational public spaces. Since 1962 Skandiform has been designing furniture that brings personality and harmony to spaces where people meet. It is in Vinslöv, southern Sweden that Skandiform creates products characterised by sustainable design with good function and quality, highly valued by our customers.

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